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A Primary Care Provider in Centennial, CO, That’s Your Partner in Wellness Since opening our doors for business in 2014, we’ve dedicated ourselves to the noble goal of “getting to the root of your health care concerns.” That’s why we chose the name Roots Medical. Our treatment approach views symptoms as signals from complex interconnected systems, rather than mere isolated issues. It is this integrative view of body and health that allows us to help you find your way to wellness. –> Read More

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At Roots Medical and Pediatrics we have always set our mission on getting to the root of your healthcare concerns, all while using the functional, holistic and traditional tools we have access to. The conversations about your healthcare need to be discussed in full and never limited by time and that is why you will see Roots Medical and Pediatric appointments be much longer in duration and deeper in comprehension. Transparency and honesty around medical subjects like Covid, vaccines, food choices and lifestyles are critical to healing and please know our team of providers’ sole mission is to provide you with their best knowledge and experience so that you can make the best healthcare decision for you and your family. 

The next distinguishing characteristic at Roots Medical and Pediatrics is our commitment to customer service. Phone, text, email are all easy ways to get a hold of a live person that can make things happen for you. Our providers are accessible to the patient and the knowledgeable front desk can expedite so many requests for you, keeping your day smooth and healthcare under control. If you are wanting to try this out or see any of this in action simply schedule a FREE, 15 minute assessment and see what you think! We would love to answer any questions so pick your favorite way to communicate and send us anything we can help you with. Thank you God Bless!

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Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our website. Roots Medical is so excited to show you everything we are capable of and answer any questions you might have. Our staff is attentive and knowledgeable about our services and available via call, text or email. See our CONTACT page for those details.

Rarely have we seen a patient that followed our program that did not end up having significant relief or remission from their healthcare concern. The body is capable of such amazing healing qualities that most of the job at Roots Medical is getting rid of the stuff that inhibits such an incredible healing system. Since the first day in business, Roots Medical’s mission has been getting to the root of your healthcare concerns. How can you treat your symptoms without knowing where they are coming from? That philosophy, getting to the root of your healthcare concerns, has proven to be highly successful for Roots Medical and Pediatrics patients and the solutions are much easier than you may think. One of the most distinguishing qualities at Roots Medical and pediatrics is the ability to treat you with herbs, supplements, prescription and diet. How many traditional doctors’ offices are using every tool at their disposal? The answer is few if any because they have no training in the natural world, they know prescriptions and symptoms and that is it. Other types of providers like chiropractic and naturopath are limited to only supplements as they lack prescriptive authority. Roots Medical and Pediatrics is proud to be trained in all of those areas of medicine and are able to present the best options to the patient each and every time there is a healthcare concern.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy or HRT, is a staple specialty at Roots Medical and Pediatrics. Since 2014, Tracy Dark, FNP has treated 1,000’s of men and women for concerns such as hot flashes, weight gain, low T, low libido, hair loss, muscle loss, fatigue and more. HRT is safe but it is critical the patient is doing that treatment under the care of an expert like Like Tracy Dark. Synthetic hormones are not the same as bioidentical hormones and that is where significant risk lies. For male patients we are proud to offer pellets and for women creams, troches and capsules. Roots Medical is very humble when it says, we really are exceptional at hormone management. Thyroid management is very similar to hormones, you need someone skilled in that area of medicine to get you where you are aiming to be. Countless number of patients have come to Roots Medical and pediatrics seeking an opinion on their thyroid. The patient’s traditional primary care doctor says the thyroid looks fine but that is simply because that doctor failed to draw the appropriate labs to measure thyroid function. Again, most allopathic doctors have no training in that type of outside-the-box thinking that of course they are not going to ever find relief for that patent. If you are not satisfied with your thyroid care thenroots Medical is worth your time for a second opinion. There are so many factors that could be affecting you differently than someone else and that is why one-on-one, personalized care is the plan at every visit with Roots Medical and Pediatrics. With hormones and thyroid care being two specialties you have found an answer for, the third critical specialty at Roots Medical and pediatrics is gut health and nutrition. Everything starts with gut health and nutrition, we are either feeding or fighting disease with everything we consume. The way food is served in America presently, it is not conducive to fueling the body with what it needs. In fact the oils alone
that most foods are cooked are enough to throw the body into an inflammatory state. Reducing inflammation will be one of the first tools used as we heal and reset the GI microbiome. Roots Medical will often utilize stool testing to measure the quality of your microbiome, from there it will be clear what is needed to address the imbalance and any deficiencies. These tests are roughly $100 and take two weeks to get results on.

Tracy practices the way she lives. You will not ever see her consume dairy, gluten, soy intentionally. Tracy has had the privilege of seeing enormous improvements these changes have made in her life and is committed to providing a path to healing for you and all while meeting you where you are at. Another unique quality at Roots Medical and Pediatrics is integrating all of these changes for the whole family. Because Roots Medical and pediatrics can see newborns to seniors, we can help everyone start to eliminate what they do to thrive in the areas they came to Roots Medical and Pediatrics for. We truly believe that healthy adults start in the womb. Everything a mother consumes through pregnancy has an impact on the child and we can start to help early in pregnancy for a path to ideal gut health for mother and baby. If you have ever met someone with a colic child, it is no sleep, no rest and no fun. But what if you could see what was going on in the mother’s microbiome, the breastmilk and the infant’s microbiome? That testing is available and all designed to set you as the parents up for success. More thriving from your child, more sleep and rest for mom and dad and a plan to keep your family optimized from the crib to college. Healthy teens are a result of healthy childhoods and if you have this already going on in your home we commend you as this is the way to protect your family, informed and preventive healthcare.

Roots Medical is family owned and operated and active in our community. Roots Medical is the founding entity of Colorado Healthcare Providers for Freedom, a Colorado non-profit. Our commitment in practice is informed consent, medical transparency and preserving the sanctity of the patient-provider relationship. For questions or more information please call or text 303-481-8079. You may also email

We look forward to working with you! God Bless!