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Since the opening in 2014, the leadership of Roots Medical has committed themselves to getting to the root of your healthcare concerns. Our treatment approach views symptoms as signals from complex interconnected systems, rather than mere isolated issues. It is this integrative view of body and health that allows us to help you find your way to wellness. Roots Medical is a natural and holistic healthcare practice specializing in hormones, thyroid and gut health. Many patients come to Roots because they have been neglected in the traditional healthcare setting. To be fair, traditional/allopathic doctors receive little or no training in areas like nutrition, environmental toxins, herbs and more so it is no surprise that patients are getting nowhere in that setting. 

In a traditional medicine setting your appointment is limited in time and scope by insurance. At Roots Medical, we believe spending ample time in the appointment with the patient is critical to getting your personalized healthcare plan established and implemented. That is why Roots Medical is a self-pay practice allowing patients and providers the atmosphere and time to take control of your healthcare journey. Self-pay does not mean expensive and when we are talking about your health and the one body you were given, we take your investment seriously and aim to deliver life-changing results. Functional and natural medicine by its nature means there will not be a magic pill or an easy way out but rather dialing in on the root cause and treating that until the condition is gone. 

Roots Medical is a Christian based medical practice that serves people the way God intended. Spiritual and emotional health is as critical as the physical and the providers at Roots Medical will explore as much work as needed to ensure emotional health is growing and healing as well. At Roots we believe that most cures are right before our eyes and with knowledge can be plucked from the ground to heal the body. The greatest part of being a holistic healthcare practice is that we are not limited to one form of medicine, if a traditional option is the best route for relief and all options have been explored and discussed then we are blessed to be able to prescribe what is needed to help you the patient in that moment. There is no such thing as “one size fits all” medicine and never let a healthcare provider get away with something so inaccurate. 

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The lead provider at Roots Medical is Tracy Dark, FNP. She is a Family Nurse Practitioner with a background in internal medicine and endocrinology. Tracy is the author of all of Roots Medical protocols and has done extensive research on Hormone and Thyroid management, including conducting multiple clinical trials for diabetic patients. One main focus of Tracy’s is to prevent diabetes before the diagnosis with advanced clinical testing. Before one is diagnosed with diabetes, they enter into a state of insulin resistance, which has many stages. This deregulation in insulin can result in a variety of other health problems such as weight gain, fatigue, insomnia, hormone imbalance, depression, and anxiety.

Diagnosis focused nutrition is a staple at Roots Medical. The food we consume in America is playing an enormous role in our health and knowing what to look for and what to avoid can make tremendous impact. Stool testing and the measuring of your GI microbiome is where so many root cause issues can be discovered. These are inexpensive and easy to perform tests that give your provider an insight as to where the imbalance lies and knowing that makes the difference in health and disease. The reason weight loss, energy, sleep and immune system response are not where you want it is in the quality of your GI health. Have you ever suffered from any of these? 

  • Weight gain
  • Trouble sleeping 
  • Mood
  • Rashes/skin concerns
  • Gas/Bloating 
  • Diarrhea

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If any of these apply then you would be an excellent candidate for a GI Microbiome analysis and start implementing the specific changes to relieve those symptoms. MOst people are simply lacking the knowledge about the food they are consuming and the impact it is having on them. Some patients are going to be more sensitive to foods like gluten dairy and soy but the philosophy at Roots Medical is if it causes inflammation we want to work moderate or eliminate those foods. The providers at Roots Medical have extensive training in customizing the diet plan best for you based on the results of the testing and the symptoms you are expressing. So many times the changes implemented have near immediate impact on our patients symptoms and depending on your degree of suffering the relief may be even more dramatic. The mission here is to meet the patient where they are at and make progress as we work our way toward maximizing your health. 

The blood work at Roots Medical is also a critical part of the process. Vitamin deficiency, hormones, thyroid, inflammation and so much more can all be assessed via customized blood panels and once again, begin treating the root cause. Most appointments are an hour and the point of that is you leave with all of your testing analyzed, a prescribing or supplementation plan outlined and a personalized nutrition plan. We want everyone who has just two visits at Roots Medical to leave with life changing changes to implement and knowledge about our GI system that you can apply the rest of your life. Bio-identical medications will always be the recommended direction at Roots Medical and the beauty about a practice like this is that Roots Medical has the ability to prescribe any pharmaceutical medication or treat with supplements or herbs. Most patients will figure out the direction they feel is best because of the time they spend with the provider and knowing they will leave with all their questions answered. If you have never had a comprehensive lab report then we highly recommend you have that done as the answer to so many concerns is simply a few tubes of blood away. Cost is also always considered at Roots Medical and that is why we have access to very affordable and high quality lab facilities and for those using insurance, the labs in most cases will be covered by insurance. Don’t let great health slip away, call Roots Medical today!