At Roots Medical we believe in being experts in a few categories rather than just pretty good at a whole bunch of things. That is why we believe if you are struggling or concerned about hormones, thyroid, gut health, weight gain, sleep, mood and immune then Roots Medical is your solution.



Roots Medical has been subscribing and treating with bioidentical hormones for over 10 years now. Tracy Dark, the lead practitioner at Roots Medical received her hormone training at World Link Medical under the teaching of Dr Neil Rouzier. His book, How to achieve Healthy Aging is the basis for much of the philosophy regarding hormones here at Roots Medical. Countless number of patients have sought out Roots Medical for hot flashes, menopause, low libido, lack of energy, trouble sleeping and weight gain. So often those symptoms are a result of a hormone imbalance that once optimized can return patients to their old selves. Men and women are going to age differently and in either case you need to have hormones managed by someone who sees how connected the systems in the body are and that all of them need to be at their best for maximum outcome. Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT is a safe and effective way to relieve so many symptoms and blood work is our strongest tool to determine the correct level for each individual. Insurance will often cover the labs ordered and if not, Roots Medical has partnered with a very patient-friendly laboratory that has incredibly fair self pay rates. Inflammation is such a huge component to hormone levels and so part of the process will be going in and eliminating the inflammatory components in your life. That is why it is such an advantage to see someone like Tracy Dark, she can cover all of your nutritional needs, prescribing and is a certified herbalist. The sky’s the limit for optimizing your health when you are working with someone who can see the whole body, you as a person and is passionate about results driven healthcare.  


So many of the patients that join us have come because they are sick of being told your numbers look but yet you don’t feel good. That is because their traditional doctor did not or would not draw the correct labs and then have the ability to interpret them. To be fair to doctors, they get zero training in outside-the-box thinking and the natural medicine world is actually not discussed at their medical schools. If you are currently seeing a traditional or allopathic doctor, our advice is to get out of that system as soon as possible. At Roots medical, Tracy Dark and the provider team will call for comprehensive thyroid panels and the clinic is well trained in interpreting those numbers and combining it with the nutrition and supplement plan needed to get all the benefits from your thyroid. Autoimmune disorders like Hashimotos is a very common diagnosis patients come to Roots for and this is when they can finally take control of that condition. When the thyroid is attacking itself its means the immune response is completely off and Roots Medical is well trained in correcting and minimizing that response. Although thyroid is often hard to ever come off of once you are on it, the thyroid can always be optimized and so relief will come to those willing to make the subtle changes. Have you noticed recent weight gain or energy loss? Thinning hair and brittle nails can also be an indicator that something is off. Do yourself and your future self a favor by making corrections today that can have immediate and long-lasting impact. 


Gut Health

Tracy Dark and the Roots Medical team are huge advocates of the importance of proper gut health or GI microbiome. The belief that all health deficiencies and disease come from imbalance in the GI that leads to poor immune function and an inflamed state of health. The gut is the root cause that so often is the culprit and in addition is so rarely viewed by traditional healthcare as the most critical. The reality is the food we eat in America is poison, with ingredients that if you could pronounce and understand you would never consume. Simply eliminating the toxic foods we eat and replacing them with nutrient rich, organic food can make an instant impact in your life. Patients that are willing to make these proven changes are the ones that feel better the quickest but we also know people start at their own pace and we always meet that patient where they are at. We also know that some people are suffering more than others and so all of our protocols are designed to get you actively progressing towards relief all while healing the body and restoring deficiencies. Another major advantage you will see at Roots Medical is our pediatric care. Kids are not immune to the poisonous foods we discussed, in fact they are often the target of that food. Behavior concerns, lack of energy and motivation and more can all be traced back to the food. Another unique quality at Roots Medical is our transparency around vaccines. There are currently 79 vaccines on the childhood vaccine schedule and kids that have taken the entire schedule are often in need of detoxification. Roots does not offer any vaccines of any kind for any age. For parents wanting to vaccinate or do a modified schedule but our providers can write that specific plan to a facility outside of Roots to have those shots performed. Whether your child has been diagnosed with ADD, autism or an autoimmune disorder, Roots Medical is positioned to guide you and your family into a natural healthcare plan that gets results and prevents the need for life long medication. Prescriptions are not the preferred route in many cases but where that is the best option Roots Medical will use it or at a minimum provide the patient with the best care out there. At Roots Medical we know it is worth exhausting as many natural options you can before committing to pharmaceuticals, we will always inform you well.