Like so many other businesses during COVID, Roots Medical endured its challenges as well and through those challenges came Colorado Healthcare Providers for Freedom. Roots Medical is proud to give 2% of all proceeds to this fully tax deductible organization. A Colorado 501 C 3, Colorado Healthcare providers for Freedom is a network of healthcare providers throughout the state of Colorado committed to health freedom, medical transparency and protecting the sacred relationship between the patient and their provider. Sadly during COVID so many doctors completely failed their patients, opting to protect their paychecks over their patients. When patients needed their doctor the most they were nowhere to be found. Most traditional doctors and certainly those accepting insurance, offered nothing in the form of early treatment and even worse, actually recommended the COVID shots to them. As the vaccine campaign continued, healthcare workers who refused the shot were being fired. The terminated healthcare workers began connecting and a strong patient advocacy entity was born. 

In 2021 the vaccine was hurting an alarming number of people and they began contacting CHP for Freedom for help. The injuries ranged from trouble sleeping, blood pressure, heart attacks, depression, stroke and so much more. They knew it was the vaccine, we knew it was the vaccine and now we could go on to healing. Most people are going to need to detox heavily but please know that the whole thinking behind mRna is that it becomes a permanent part of your DNA. Please know that at CHP for Freedom, we are truly sympathetic for those that were harmed by the shots as we know the information they received from their traditional doctor was incomplete and included a lack of risk profile. How many of you that took the shot received a copy of the data fact sheet? How many of you were consulted by the pharmacist before they injected you? We are always looking for stories where that happened so please share your story. If a pharmacist sat you down and told you what could potentially happen to you before you even made it to your car, would you still do it? The truth is nobody would take a COVID shot if they were given legally obtained informed consent. That is why the mission at Colorado Health Care Providers for Freedom will remain focused on the transparency of this information as well advocating for those who have been irreversibly harmed. COVID simply highlighted the lack of care the traditional healthcare setting was offering and so many people will never go back. The long term goal of CHP for Freedom is to have these organizations in every state and include as many healthcare providers as possible. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could walk into any doctors in America and feel like they care and will give you the best available treatment options they can? Sadly that is not the case and if you are stuck in your current healthcare situation simply visit for a list or resources, provider directory and contact information. 

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As a non-profit all donations are fully tax deductible. Our current fundraising efforts are going towards “right-to-refuse” lawsuits that are happening all over America. Many large hospital systems in America forced on their employers a mandate that if they did not take experimental shots (as defined by the CDC, FDA, Pfizer etc) then they would be removed from their position. That is actually highly illegal as congress prescribed that every American has the right to refuse medical research with any consequences or penalties. It is unclear if these hospitals were unaware of the laws surrounding medical research or perhaps they did not care but either way they have broken the law and we intend to see them held accountable for those crimes. Not only were the hospitals guilty regarding their treatment of their employees, they were also giving a deadly concoction of morphine, Remdesivir and a ventilator. Most Americans are not privy to the protocols hospitals were subjecting COVID patients to and it was the malpractice of care in  the hospital that killed them, not COVID. Unfortunately not all of these hospitals will survive these lawsuits and that is a good thing. There was not a single group more wicked than the hospitals during COVID. The family members of those with COVID would place frantic calls to our organization scared to death that they were about to put a loved one on Remdesivir and could we help? Sadly, once the patient was admitted to the hospital, only an emergency court order would get a patient out of the hospital protocol and discharged completely. These were heartbreaking calls to get and in many cases you wonder how many of those stories happened all over America. 

Colorado Healthcare Providers for Freedom will never stop fighting for you, the patient. Without the patient being the most important part of the equation, what is the point of the healthcare provider. The patient is the lifeblood of every healthcare facility and it is that belief why doctors, nurses and staff do the jobs they do. If you have not felt like your doctor was committed to you in that way then it is time for a change. The beauty of COVID is it brought so many like-minded people together that are now doing amazing things. People you would have never have thought of are now dear allies in the pursuit for health freedom and medical transparency. We are always excited to meet new health freedom advocates and hear your story. If you have a COVID experience you want to share simply visit the website and fill out our contact information. We are always seeking new providers too so if your doctor is a freedom advocate contact him as well this network should never stop growing. Again, Roots Medical is so proud to support CHP for Freedom in every way we can including 2% of annual proceeds. Connect with us today and together restore trust in healthcare. Thank you and be well!