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As a pediatric provider and mother of 3 beautiful children, I understand the precious gift children are to parents, and I strive to provide optimal health starting at a young age. I believe partnership is a vital aspect when caring for your children. Childhood is the optimal time to start healthy habits. Families enjoy better physical, mental, emotional, and immune health when we start healthy habits early on. I am passionate about teaching parents and children the correlation between gut health and the health of the entire body. I am grateful for the opportunity to educate families on issues such as health and nutrient deficiencies and how healing the gut can improve behavioral issues, eczema/skin problems, allergies, food sensitivities, and so much more. I specialize in correcting microbiome imbalances which can occur early on. I provide holistic healthcare for children from birth to 21 years of age. My goal is to work with you in the development of healthy children. Children thrive when shown love, protection from harmful substances, provision of optimal nutrition and a nurturing environment. I truly value the opinion of families, and I believe parents are the best advocate for their children. You know your child best and I am honored to take part in their care. I feel privileged to be able to walk with families in their health journey. Together we can maximize the health of your children and set them up as healthier adults. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your precious child’s life.

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Roots Medical could not be more thrilled to offer full service and holistic pediatrics! At Roots Medical and Pediatrics, we believe that the pathway to healthy teens and young adults starts at birth. For starters, what we feed our children has more impact than almost anything we can do as parents. Every parent we have ever come across at Roots Medical and Pediatrics loves their child and would never intentionally harm them with the food they are feeding them. The problem is most parents simply do not know the harmful side effects of things like sugary cereal for breakfast, pizza for lunch and then fast food for dinner has on their child. The amount of poisonous ingredients bombarding our children’s food supply today is breathtaking but finding the alternatives as well as your child’s specific deficiencies is what separates Roots Medical and Pediatrics from any pediatrician you may have seen.

For nursing moms the quality of the breast milk has an enormous impact on your infants sleep schedule, fussing, connecting and thriving. At Roots Medical and Pediatric we can test the microbiome of the infant and mom and ensure both are fully optimized and making these critical first months so impactful for the rest of both your lives. Nutrition and identifying your child’s specific needs is one area parents will come to us but for others they are in need of vaccine consultation.

The current CDC childhood schedule calls for 72 vaccines taken by your child before age 18 and that number is expected to reach 100 by 2030. That is an intimidating ask of any person of any type of medication and that is why it is so critical parents ask those important questions like, “Does my child really need every single one?’’ The United States has the number one rate in the world for infant mortality and one huge contributor is the rate of vaccination starting day 1. Roots Medical and Pediatrics can walk you through each vaccine coming up for you child and after that ultimately the parent will make the decision best for your family. Please know Roots Medical and Pediatrics does not carry nor will ever carry any vaccines in office. If a parent is requesting certain vaccines for their child we will send an order to a clinic of your choosing to have those done. If your child is suffering from autism, behavioral disorders, autoimmune disease, asthma or allergies we know we can find you relief somewhere in our assessment. Not nearly enough healthcare providers are having these important conversations with parents but at Roots Medical Pediatrics it is part of our mission.

Children suffering from seasonal allergies, environmental or food allergies will benefit from Roots Medical’s investigative and comprehensive approach to finding the root cause of the problem. We do not believe pharmaceutical drugs should be the first resort and so once the diagnosis has been made our team will provide several directions for care that will be appropriate to your goals. Again, when you are having honest conversations with parents about the direction of their child’s healthcare it is easy to come to a comfortable, safe and effective treatment plan. Most of the diagnostic testing for pediatrics will be done via stool and so it is never a traumatic experience to get a lot of information. Comprehensive blood work might be recommended for your child and in that case you are in good hands as Roots Medical and Pediatrics has one the best phlebotomists in town. The results are about two weeks and then you would meet one-on-one with your provider and have your child’s plan customized.  Roots Medical has been diligent about finding testing that is reliable, informative and economical for the patient. We believe in our access to specific testing and then the knowledge of how to interpret that testing and get put into a plan that will have you and your family reach your health care goals.

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The entire family can benefit when they bring their healthcare to Roots Medical and Pediatrics. Every subsequent family member that is a patient would have a $25 off each visit and you can save even more when you become Member Patients that entitles you to all sorts of priorities in the practice as we wll 20% off any supplement purchase, discounted visits and free delivery. We make any budget work but the biggest part is getting the initial call or request done. You can call or text 303-481-8079 anytime for more information or email the front desk at Never hesitate to ask any questions and remember you can take a free 15 minute GI assessment with one of our providers and see if today is the day to take control of your families healthcare journey! We thank you and God Bless