FAQ and more!

Roots Medical and Pediatrics believes that it is better to be exceptional at a few things than average in a whole bunch of areas. The specialties at Roots Medical and Pediatrics that include hormones, thyroid, gut health, autoimmune disease, allergies and behavior are what most patients are with us for but you can do most of your traditional healthcare with us as well. Roots Medical and Pediatrics gladly services all of these and more!

  • Annual Exam/Well Woman visit
  • Sickness/Acute
  • Sports Physicals
  • Long Covid/Acute Covid
  • Vaccine Injuries
  • Skin/Eczema
  • Acne
  • Weight
  • Blood Pressure
  • Insulin Resistance/Diabetes
  • Insomnia
  • Arthritis
  • Mental Fog
  • Chronic Sickness
  • Mold Exposure
  • Heavy Metal Detox
  • Candida
  • SIBO
  • Autism
  • AIP
  • Vaccine Education



What’s the deal with insurance?

At Roots Medical and Pediatrics, we understand that most patients are paying for healthcare insurance and want to be able to use it when they receive medical care. One of our main goals after getting a patient on their way to healing is to find all the ways the patient can still maximize their healthcare benefits.  The reality is that insurance is what dictates what a provider can cover during the appointment and how much time the provider can spend with a patient. As a practice, Roots Medical and Pediatrics has never believed it was appropriate to let our care be determined by insurance and so we have done a lot to maximize the insurance benefits for the patient while maintaining longer, comprehensive and customized care in the appointment.


Adult Care: The visits on the adult care side are longer in duration and cover many healthcare concerns all in one and so none of those appointments fit the typical insurance parameters. A first time appointment is typically an hour in the room with the provider and so much is accomplished in that initial visit, including labs drawn in the office after you are completed with the appointment. Insurance would only reimburse the provider for about 30 minutes and we found it impossible to implement and cover the amount of care we know is needed in that little time. We will always provide a super bill if requested and thus allow the patient to be reimbursed or have the amount applied toward their annual deductible. The lab work we typically call for is covered by insurance and for those with a high deductible or are self pay we have very economical self pay lab options. In a self pay format like this, the patient has the benefit of time with their same provider but also getting all of your healthcare needs addressed all in one visit. Most patients, once symptoms are gone and the patient is happy with their current health, will have two appointments per year for lab work and the review of the labs. Our nutrition patients may visit monthly for four to six months and then be on a plan that has them maintaining all of their progress and results and all the things to avoid to prevent a future issue.


Pediatric Care: Roots Medical and Pediatrics maintains a hybrid insurance model when it comes to pediatrics. As stated before, we appreciate and know how much patients are paying for insurance and want to partner in maximizing those benefits. When it comes to pediatrics and insurance, all of the money for the provider is in the vaccine schedule. Roots Medical and Pediatrics does not vaccinate so you would never need to be concerned about that conflict of interest. The first appointment is an hour or more and always an out-of-pocket visit. Your subsequent visits can all be billed through insurance with a few exceptions. It is important to note that insurance appointments are always shorter in duration and cover less symptoms per appointment. We will always encourage patients to forgo insurance and book longer, more comprehensive appointments but we can accommodate either situation. Billable exclusions will include Vaccine Exemptions, diagnostic review that requires greater than thirty minutes and Vaccine Consultations. Our staff is also very astute at what makes more sense for patients with high deductibles. Why shorten your appointment to comply with insurance when they won’t pay for it anyways? Instead, enjoy a personalized appointment and all the time you need and we can still get you the credit towards the plan. Our insurance knowledge and expertise is another advantage of having your healthcare needs cared for at Roots Medical and Pediatrics.

Did you know? About 80% of pediatric clinics around the country would have to close their doors without the revenues from vaccines. As you know, the childhood vaccine schedule has exploded since 1986. The reason is obvious, all liability against vaccine makers became protected and money became the driver in the expanded schedule, not health. The CDC has said the goal is to get to 100 vaccines on the schedule and Roots Medical and Pediatrics is there to help guide parents through a very dangerous new era of medicine.


Can I make payments? Taking control of your healthcare can be expensive and Roots Medical and Pediatrics is more than happy to help make that part easier. We have kept prices affordable so that most people can get the information and planning they need but we understand that timing can be an issue and that is why payments are totally accepted at Roots Medical and Pediatrics. You can take the cost of your first appointment and pay one third that day, the next third in 30 days and the final payment 30 days after the second. You can also take advantage of doing a video review or google review and receive store credit for time and courtesy. We also want you to tell your friends and Roots Medical and Pediatrics will gladly send you store credit for every referral.

The patients are the lifeblood of Roots Medical and Pediatrics and we aim to deliver results that can impact your family for a lifetime. Roots Medical and Pediatrics is always in pursuit of the most current, credible medical information and bringing that into practice for the most impactful results we can get. Text, call or email any questions and a member of our team will be right with you. God Bless from everyone at Roots Medical and Pediatrics