One of the most humbling and rewarding parts of serving our community is when the patient takes the time to recognize the impact Roots Medical and Pediatrics has had on their healthcare journey. Since Roots opened in 2014, word-of-mouth has been how most people have found the practice. What better endorsement could you get then a friend or neighbor testifying on our behalf. For every single patient that has ever recommended us to a friend or family member, we sincerely thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Many of our patients have gone on to leave google and video reviews, here are some of those stories and if you should feel prompted we would love to hear from you too!

Here are some personal stories of how Roots Medical and Pediatrics have impacted patients of all different situations.

Jen G – Centennial, CO FAMILY CARE – During the pandemic of COVID-19 our family was in search of a healthcare provider that would tell us the truth. Roots Medical was recommended by a friend that had used them for a sickness appointment and had enjoyed the experience. Because they are a holistic practice we felt like there would be more options explored depending on the given healthcare concern. That was absolutely the case and we could not be happier with the medical transparency provided by Tracy Dark, FNP. Our whole family sees Roots Medical and Pediatrics and would recommend your family does the same!

Betty C – Littleton, CO Senior Care – I am a 92 year old senior that has been going to Roots Medical and Pediatrics since they opened and have had a great experience here. At my age, living independently is something I want to be healthy enough to do as long as possible. I have relied on Roots Medical to keep me proactive in my healthcare journey. The bloodwork is very comprehensive and more importantly it is focused on the areas of concern so that we can make a plan together. I am grateful for Tracy Dark and the team at Roots Medical and Pediatrics.

Bob L – Arvada, CO – LONG COVID – I am unvaccinated and was suffering from Long-Covid when I scheduled with Roots Medical. After spending weeks in the hospital from Covid pneumonia, I came home and was not the same. The fatigue was incredible, the shortness of breath was debilitating and getting off the couch was now an enormous task. I scheduled a virtual appointment and after about an hour my prescription plan was sent to the pharmacy and I was on the way to relief. The mobility improving was the first thing and most satisfying part of the process because it had taken over my life. Every doctor I had seen before this had told me I was the worst case of Long Covid they had ever seen. Roots Medical was undeterred by my condition and spent countless hours with me outside of the appointment to ensure that I had what I needed for the fullest and most complete recovery. I am forever grateful for the wisdom and care at Roots Medical and would recommend them to anyone seeking quality care.

Sara H – Longmont, CO – Pediatrics – My family has chosen to not vaccinate our children and we could not find a pediatrician that would support our decision. Our oldest child suffered a vaccine injury at about 18 months and my husband and I committed to our children to do no more harm.

After our oldest was injured, not a single doctor we worked with would confirm the injury came from the vaccines. We took a perfectly healthy toddler to a “wellness” visit and she came back not the same. How is that ok? It is not and that is why we demanded a pediatrician that would listen to us! We met with Tiffany Bartett on a vaccine consultation and new patient appointment and we could not be happier! We have since recommended several families and would encourage you as well.

Nancy S – Aurora, CO – Bioidentical Hormones – As I entered my fifties I started to experience all the classic symptoms of menopause. Hot flashes, weight gain, inconsistent moods and sleep issues started to dominate my day. I had never tried hormones for relief and did not know much about the process or science behind it. Tracy Dark is truly an expert at hormones and I feel like I am in the best possible hands with her care. My intake was very thorough and educational. I left that first appointment with a good understanding of the process and a prescription sent to a compound pharmacy. Roots Medical drew my blood at that appointment and it was the results about a week later that showed Tracy where the root cause of my symptoms was coming from. Roots was able to run the lab work through my insurance which ended up being completely covered as an added bonus. The lab work came in an easy to follow report that I can now track my progress from for future lab work. Tracy also went extensively into the diet I was to follow. She explained how critical managing inflammation was to the process of optimizing hormones and the diet plan was easy to follow, great tasting and had all the nutritional elements critical to the human body. I have referred my sister and co-worker to Roots Medical and they always send a thank you anytime someone new comes in on my recommendation.

Roots Medical is committed to making every experience with us an excellent one. If you would like to share your experience we thank you in advance and can provide several places where your kind words can have the most impact. Likewise, any experience that ever falls short of our high standards we will work to rectify that without hesitation and at a minimum we go our own ways as friends.

Throughout all the years in business, the mission has never waivered, Roots Medical and pediatrics is determined to get to the root of your healthcare concern. For specific questions about your concern, text us anytime at 303-481-8079.

We would love to hear from you, connect with us at your favorite social media platform or email for a list of where to connect.